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Licensed and Accredited Alcohol Treatment in Alaska ensures your recovery services are safe, trustworthy, and effective. Finding licensed and accredited alcohol treatment in Alaska does not have to be difficult, we have found some of the best rehab facilities across Alaska that are qualified to provide and help you with many recovery services. When looking for a drug and alcohol treatment facility one should know the importance of finding an accredited substance abuse rehab. Non-accredited treatment facilities usually lack proven effective treatment programs and have several major deficiencies which make them an unsuitable provider of recovery assistance for a complex disease such as addiction. Rehab centers and addiction recovery services which carry an accreditation are monitored and evaluated by outside authorities to guarantee patients are in the best hands. In order for a health care provider to be awarded an accreditation, they must prove their programs are safe and effective in addition to providing proof of their commitment to continuously improving their services. Accrediting standards are higher than state licensing requirements and facilities granted accreditation must meet internationally accepted standards or quality care. Licensed and accredited alcohol treatment in Alaska is not The process of becoming accredited can be very rigorous and includes review of programs structure, therapies, clinical programming, treatment effectiveness, outcomes, and personalized treatment options. Accreditation alone does not guarantee the best care available but it is a very strong indicator of a qualified staff, safe treatment practices, and a uniformed recovery approach which promote effective treatment outcomes. For more information and to gain answers to questions regarding accredited treatment centers you can contact one of our caring substance abuse treatment specialists now at (800) 325-0230.

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(907) 747-3636 Sitka Counseling and Prevention Services

113 Metlakatla Street Sitka, AK 99835   Sitka Counseling and Prevention Services provides members of the community who suffer from substance abuse and addiction with quality care ... Read More >>

crack addict talking to a counseler

Raven’s Way

222 Tongass Drive Sitka, Alaska 99835 Raven’s Way in Sitka, Alaska offers a unique program to adolescents suffering from substance abuse and addiction. This highly recognized pr ... Read More >>

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(907) 225-0320 Ketchikan Indian Community Health Clinic

2960 Tongass Avenue Ketchikan, AK  99901 The Ketchikan community provides a holistic treatment for individuals suffering from substance use disorders. Through an array of therapie ... Read More >>

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