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CARF Accreditation

The commission on accreditation of rehabilitation facilities is a non-profit organization, independent from treatment facilities which studies and provides accreditation for addiction and dual-diagnosis treatment programs. Operating as the largest international accreditation body and with 40 years of experience, the non-profit has worked to improve standards of care provided by treatment centers and to protect individuals in need of help for addiction. Individuals suffering from addiction in Alaska can count on us to find the CARF Accredited Alaska addiction treatment centers that offer effective recovery programs for overcoming alcoholism and drug abuse.  Accreditation standards range from high to poor and include the following.

Three Year CARF Accredited Alaska Addiction Treatment Centers:

Three year accreditation being operates at the highest level of care and shows continued dedication to providing improved treatment services.

One Year Accreditation:

One year accreditation means the facility standards are in compliance with those of the accreditation body however also indicates a treatment center program could use improvements. The recognition of a one year accreditation entails the rehabilitation center demonstrates the capacity to improve their deficiencies and allows one year to correct them in order to show commitment to progress.

Provisional Accreditation:

Treatment Centers which allow their one-year accreditation to expire without providing proof of progress are awarded a provisional accreditation which allows one more year to gain the operating status of a Three Year accreditation substance abuse rehab facility. If a treatment provider has not improved at the time of the next survey they are then labeled with a non-accreditation status.

What if a Treatment Center in Alaska is Non-Accredited?

Non-accredited treatment facilities are said to have many deficiencies in several areas of the expected standards. The non-accredited label is an indication that said treatment center most likely demonstrates one or more unsatisfactory qualities and failed to improve or show progress in fixing those negative areas of their program. Additionally, non-accredited rehabilitation providers usually have demonstrated conditions that are unsafe, lack consideration to human welfare, and / or don’t protect the health of those served.

Preliminary CARF Accredited Alaska Substance Abuse Rehabs:

Preliminary Accreditation is awarded to newly establish treatment providers in order to allow them time to gain proof of satisfactory practices and demonstrate benefits of services. In order to be awarded a preliminary accreditation a treatment provider must show the program design and functions which will benefit clients in addition to possessing evidence of the program components being acquired. For example, a treatment center may plan to offer residential detox, and outpatient treatment however are they are awaiting licensing, and certification needed to operate a detox center.

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