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Outpatient Rehab in Alaska
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Outpatient Rehab in Alaska

Alcoholism and drug abuse are widespread in Alaska. Approximately 14% of people who reside in the state have problems with alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse, according to the results of a study conducted on behalf of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. That figure is double the national average.  The National Survey on Drug Use and Health puts Alaska in the top ten states in terms of illegal drug use.

It is difficult for people to recover from alcohol or drug dependency without expert help. Fortunately, there are many different support and treatment options available for people with addiction problems. Statistics show that inpatient treatment tends to deliver longer-lasting results. However, this type of treatment may not be available to some people, and they may choose outpatient rehab in Alaska instead.

Outpatient treatment programs are similar to those offered during inpatient rehab. The principal difference is that outpatients must fit their rehab treatment in with their normal daily schedule, and that they will leave the treatment center at the end of each day. Whereas those in an inpatient setting will reside at the treatment center for a minimum of 30 days.

The precise programs offered in outpatient rehab may differ from one facility to the next. For example, some facilities will only provide faith-based programs, while others may offer a choice of both faith-based, in addition to programs without a spiritual background.

All intensive outpatient rehab programs focus on giving alcoholics the knowledge, strength, tools and support they need to return to a productive, alcohol- or drug-free life. They do this by providing therapy and counseling that will address different issues, such as:

.    Finding ways to deal with stress without resorting to drugs or alcohol

.    How to deal with cravings

.    Learning what situations or events trigger the desire to drink or abuse drugs, and how to deal with these triggers

.    How to communicate effectively

.    How to build positive and healthy relationships

.    How to modify the decision-making process to eliminate bad choices.

What type of person is best suited for outpatient rehab in Alaska?

It should be noted that inpatient care yields better results than outpatient care, and the latter may not be the best choice for everybody. People who have little or no support in their homes, or those who live in a difficult home environment (residing with other alcoholics or other substance abusers, for example), will struggle to succeed in outpatient rehab programs.

Inpatient treatment is considerably more expensive than outpatient treatments, since there are accommodation and catering costs to be met, as well as treatment costs. Outpatient rehab in Alaska is a viable alternative for people who may be unable to afford residential care.

Many clients opt for a mixture of inpatient and outpatient rehab. They choose the former to get them through the initial withdrawal period and its immediate aftermath. When they are firmly established on the road to recovery, they may shift to an outpatient setting.

Outpatient treatment is also beneficial for people who have successfully stopped drinking or abusing drugs, but who may feel the need for reinforcement, or those who are struggling to cope.

The benefits of outpatient rehab

People who attend outpatient rehab in Alaska will have to commit a considerable amount of time each week to attending counseling and therapy sessions, but they are also able to continue working, attending school, or dealing with family obligations.

Because clients who attend outpatient programs may remain a resident at home, their families can provide invaluable support. Additionally, the families gain a deeper insight into the problems faced by people with alcohol or drug dependency, and they are better able to understand how best to support their loved ones.

After outpatient rehab in Alaska

The battle against addiction is an ongoing one, and those recovering from substance abuse are strongly advised to take advantage of the support options in their community. The treatment programs help addicts return to society as productive members for the remainder of their lifetimes. If you or your loved one is suffering with addiction, reach out to an addiction specialist today for more information about outpatient rehab in Alaska.